Indiana Scooter Tours - First Tour - The Donut Run to Ossian! 

I've been thinking about how hard it is to know where to ride a scooter without a lot of stress or unpleasant surprises. I've decided that when I find a good ride, I'm going to try and map it out using Google's awesome maps.

So anyway, I found a fairly low-stress route from Waynedale to Ossian. It's a pretty quick ride, but has a lot of nice rural midwestern scenery.

To see the map, click HERE!

If you decide to make the "Donut Run", leave me a comment. It would be awesome to get a group together for this some Saturday morning...

Here's a picture of my new scooter in Ossian (probably not that exciting for anyone else, but I was having a good time).

I should point out that I did NOT go to the Library. Therefore, I am a rebel, of sorts (call me The Mild One).

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